page buider : background video for smartphone

Thanks for the responses:Mamun:
I looked through the console and I don’t see your event listeners attached to any background videos. And yes, the codepen I sent DOES play on all mobile browsers just fine, if you need me to take video of that I can… or you could try it on your smartphone… or you could try the examples that GoogleDev provided… or you could try the example provided by Mozilla in the examples provided.

Ok, so I understand that your preference is to not use autoplay, however, I did not hire you to design my website. Concerning page speed, you should read the press release from googlethat says that they have relaxed the rules to try and prevent people from using larger gifs (pull quote below). If you are saying this is all purposeful you should list it as a feature like this **SP page builder does not support/condone video background autoplay / playsinline.

THANK YOU!, I am glad that you tried my example. I am truly thankful. But again, if someone would just read the documentation provided by the BROWSER developers (in my links), you would already know that your gif solution is the exact reason why they PROMOTE autoplay now, rather than gifs (see pull quote below from the Google press release)

“Disabling autoplay had the unintended effect of driving developers to alternatives such as animated GIFs, as well as <canvas> and <img> hacks. These techniques are much worse than optimized video in terms of power consumption, performance, bandwidth requirements, data cost and memory usage.”

***And concerning the autoplay in general. YES, I do agree with you!
That we should, if at all possible, use an image in place of the background video. Of course, you have made that scenario not possible currently, and my client would prefer the video and is not concerned with page speed.

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